On Rumi and Shams of Tabriz; A Golden Pair

My favorite golden pair is Rumi and Shams Tabriz.

Rumi was a poet, a mystic, and a leader of his community. He was a wealthy nobleman and aristocrat. He devoted a good portion of his life to helping people and a lot of time exploring meaning and purpose. How INFJee.

Shams was a scholar, a poet, a mystic, and a vagabond out discovering the world through his travels. He was a poor and wild holy-man. He was blunt, sometimes offensive, and often described as antisocial, but he was brilliant and had a great love for people and for purpose. How INTPee.

The two were in love, but Rumi, was madly in love with Shams. It was Rumi’s most important relationship and the catalyst for Rumi’s most treasured work. They knew each other for a few years before Shams continued his travels. After Shams departure, Rumi fell into a great state of depression. Many people in Konya and close to Rumi were jealous of Shams because of the attention and adoration Rumi would reserve for him, especially because of Sham’s uncouth origins. But they also loved and adored Rumi. Eventually Shams returned to Konya to be reunited with Rumi but this was short lived. Shams soon left again. There are many rumors about what happened to Shams after the second departure but what happened to Rumi is very clear. He poured out his heart, in celebration, in longing, in love for Shams. The result is some of the most famous poetry in the world.

Attached are some quotes that both showcase the MBTI of each but also showcase WHY this is the golden pair. This relationship balances both types in a way that brings out the best of each, in a way that leads to romance that transcends time and space. An INFJ will read Shams and think… “ok, i need this in my life”. An INTP will read Rumi and think “ok, I need this in my life.”

Rumi’s poetry sometimes brings me to my knees. His soul speaks to my soul. I read Shams and think… “Yea I know that…doesn’t everyone?”…but I read Rumi and I fucking cry.

Note that both Rumi and Shams were past middle age when they met, Rumi almost 40 and Shams in his 60s.





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