Who makes better romantic partners for INFJ females: INTPs or ENTPs?


4 thoughts on “Who makes better romantic partners for INFJ females: INTPs or ENTPs?

  1. This is truly beautiful. I love appreciate your insight on this topic. However i am a very strong INFJ female so it’s no wonder. 🙂


  2. Hey, whoever you are, sorry I didn’t read the name, your article was too engrossing for me…
    I am an INFJ and I have an INTP and an ENTP friend..both close to me..
    And I really loved your article..
    Great insight! And amazing logic!


  3. Hi Boysosa, what an accurate article and right on time. Im an INFJ female, had a long-term love with an ENTP, deep and satisfing, except of social /friend gathering situations whereas I felt exactly the same thing you had described. Right now im in a starting relationship with my INTP male (after 7 months of getting to know each other, not even holding hands:) and its just overwhelmingly familiar, like a lost paradise, found again.i can even read his thoughts and scare the shit out of him haha


  4. Great article!
    I can see myself exactly in the way your describe with my INTP partner (I’m an INFJ). Hoping both of us will reach the complimentary development at some point.


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